Student Veterans Organization

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is  the cost to join the SVO?
A: Absolutely nothing. The SVO is free to all veterans, all you have to do is prove that you are a veteran by either producing a DD-214, a Veterans ID card or a Retired Military ID.

Q: How do I join the SVO?
A: You can stop by the Veteran Affairs Office and pick up a membership form.

Q: Why should I join SVO?

A.    The SVO is a veteran’s only group located on the DCC Campus. It provides a way for you as a veteran to have a voice about how veterans are treated on campus and the services provided to veterans. The SVO also acts as a network for future opportunities. We have had several members who have graduated, went to work and called back to see if there were any SVO members interested in employment. It also acts as a place for veterans to get together and share their interests, concerns and stories with other vets.

Q. Are you required to join SVO if you are a veteran?

A. No, membership is voluntary.