Danville Community College Educational Foundation, Inc. Scholarship Application for 2019 – 2020 Academic Year

Please refer to the Scholarship Guidelines before completing this form.

Personal Information

Student Information

Are you enrolled in a science, technology, engineering, math, or health curriculum? If yes, please complete the STEM-H Financial Assistance Application found on the DCC Educational Foundation Scholarship Page.  
Are you entitled to veterans' benefits?  
Are you eligible for veterans' rehabilitation benefits?  
Are you receiving any type of assistance for tuition or books?  
During the fall semester, how many credits do you plan to take at DCC?  

Prior Academic Information

Do you have a Bachelor's Degree?  

Additional Information

Did you receive any DCC Educational Foundation Scholarship(s) in the previous academic year?  
Many scholarships require that you demonstrate your involvement in the community and your leadership ability. If you want your application to be seriously considered by the Review Committee, you must complete this section in grammatically correct, complete sentences or explain why the statement does not apply to you.
This scholarship application and any scholarships awarded are good for one academic year only for expenses incurred at DCC.