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The mission of Danville Community College’s Admissions and Records Office is to provide support during the admissions process, effectively communicate enrollment procedures, and ensure accurate record keeping for internal and external constituencies.

The Admissions Office Staff is available to assist students through the admissions and registration processes.


How To Become A Student at Danville Community College


Online Application



      Curricular Admission:

      (Applies to program-placed students)


Non-Curricular Admission:

(Applies to non-program-placed students)

    1. Complete an application for admission online at  http://www.dcc.vccs.edu/BecomeaStudent.
    High school transcripts may be required for admission to the college and certain programs. Home school graduates must provide a graduation date and may be required to provide documentation of coursework. 
    2. Demonstrate readiness for program placement.
       A. Take the Virginia Placement Test.
       Call 434.797.8460 or email admissions@danville.edu to make an appointment. For more information on the testing schedule, making appointments, and taking the practice test, please click here http://www.dcc.vccs.edu/studentServices/Admissions/PlacementTesting.htm.

    Placement Testing Policy

    Students who take the Math and/or English Virginia Placement Test and who do not enroll in developmental courses are allowed to take one (1) retest within twelve (12) months. Students who attempt a developmental course will be ineligible for a retest. Exceptions to this retest policy may be made on a case-by-case basis in accordance with established college procedures.

       B. Request a Placement Waiver. (See Placement Waiver Options below.)

    Placement Waiver Options

    In determining students’ readiness for college-level English and math courses, DCC will use the following means and measures.  Transcripts and test scores should be sent to the Student Support Services Office for review.
    1. Any student who has earned an associate degree or higher or who has earned a C or better in college-level courses in math and/or English at a regionally accredited institution will be exempt from placement testing provided they meet the prerequisites for the respective courses in their chosen program of study.  Students must provide transcripts for approval.
    2. Any student who has successfully completed current developmental courses at a VCCS institution will be exempt from placement testing in those areas.
    3. Any student who has successfully completed developmental courses at a non-VCCS institution will have their coursework evaluated for placement.  Students must provide transcripts for approval.
    4. Students enrolling in Career Studies Certificate programs may be waived from Placement testing, unless a course in the program requires a reading, writing, or math prerequisite. Click here for a list of qualified Career Studies Certificate programs.
    5. A recent (within past 5 years) high school / homeschool graduate may submit a high school/home school transcript or an approved test score for placement evaluation.

    Placement will be based on the tables found at this link.

    6. Multiple Measures 2.0 project

    Students that meet the following criteria may speak with an advisor regarding not taking the Virginia Placement Test:

    • High school graduate and been a graduate for at least five years; or
    • Active military personnel or veteran; or
    • Have completed and earned an overall GPA of 2.5 or greater in the Career Studies Certificate that stacks within the chosen degree program.

    Students participating in the Multiple Measures 2.0 project and enrolling in college-level courses without taking the placement test agree to participate in supportive learning assistance if or when they receive a grade below 80% on any major assignment in their class(es) during their first semester. Participation in this program includes the understanding that if the student does not participate in supportive learning assistance, as defined below, and does not earn a final course grade of "C" or better, the student will need to take the college placement test and will be placed in the mathematics or English course designated by the placement test. The placement test will need to be taken before registering for courses requiring prerequisites for the next semester.

    VPT Waiver


1. A completed application for admission including the Domicile Determination Form which is available online at www.dcc.vccs.edu/BecomeaStudent.

2. Acceptance by the College does not ensure admission to a specific curriculum or course. Non-curricular students must satisfy all required course prerequisites or placement testing requirements before enrolling in specific college-level courses.

3. Non-curricular students may request to meet with a DCC counselor to review course options.



Admissions Office Directory:


Evonda Thornton

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Cathy Pulliam

Coordinator, Admissions, Enrollment Management, & Student Outreach



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