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  World War I


  • The World War I Document Archive - This site contains conventions, treaties, official papers, and memoirs and personal reminiscences of the war.  Provides brief biographical sketches and photos of prominent people of the Great War era.  An image archive contains medals & photographs.  Links to other WWI sites are also provided.

  • Encyclopedia of the First World War.  World War I from the British point of view.  This site is part of Spartacus' Encyclopedia of British History: 1700-1950.   A comprehensive site which provides information on all aspects of the war. 

  • The Great War - Provides a wealth of information on WWI. Includes a chronology of the war, information on battles, casualty figures of all nations, historical documents, posters, political cartoons, journal articles, and poetry. Also includes links to other WWI sites.

  • The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century - From PBS. This site "encompasses television, online, and print media to explore the history and effect of World War I." Provides an interactive timeline, a gallery of maps and locations, and "extensive background information with comprehensive interviews from nearly 20 World War I historians."  One can also browse episode synopses and program excerpts from the PBS television series which first aired in 1996.  Provides links to web sites and materials which were used to research the television series.  

  • Photos of the Great War - This site contains over 1800 WWI photos.  The "imagebase" includes war albums, aviation, troops, commanders, weapons, and the war at sea.

  • Trenches on the Web - Reference Library.  An outstanding site!!!  Provides information on weapons, brief biographies, maps, photos, timelines, posters, a war atlas, and links to other WWI sites.

  • World War I - Teacher Oz's Kingdom of History.  Excellent!!!  This comprehensive, well-organized site contains the following: primary documents; timelines; images and maps; causes of the war; statistics; propaganda; battlefields; weapons and troops; trench and gas warfare; aviation; the war at sea; biographies; women in the war; the League of Nations; the Versailles Treaty; poetry and music of the war; effects of WWI. 


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