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   The Vietnam War


  • Vietnam War Maps - ehistory.comProvides maps from the United States Military Academy and the Department of State.

  • Battlefield: Vietnam - PBS.   Provides the following:  a brief history of the Vietnam War by Professor Robert K. Brigham of Vassar College; a timeline (1954-1975); an overview of guerrilla tactics used during the war; information on some of the most important aircraft used in Vietnam; a retrospective of the Siege of Khe Sanh; and links to additional Vietnam War resources available from PBS.

  • Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy: Vietnam.  The texts of over 100 documents relating to Vietnam are arranged in chronological order, beginning in 1941.  Bibliographies and links to other Vietnam War sites are also included.

  • The Sixties Project.  Provides online back issues of the Viet Nam Generation Journal, "the journal of record in the field of Sixties and Vietnam War scholarship."   This site's archive of online resources includes: scholarly articles and essays about the 1960's and the Vietnam War; personal narratives, memoirs, and fiction; drama, film and television resources; bibliographies; primary documents; and book reviews.   Also possesses a large archive of Sixties and Vietnam War poetry.

  • The Wars for Viet Nam: 1945-1975 - Vassar College.  This site was "developed around the course materials for...a seminar on the Vietnam War at Vassar College."  Provides an overview of the war, the text of documents related to the war, and links to other sites.

  • Cold War - Korea - Vietnam - Gulf War - Operation Enduring Freedom: Teacher Oz's Kingdom of History.  Scroll down this site to locate links to various topics concerned with the Vietnam War, including statistics, Medal of Honor Recipients, maps, the Tonkin Gulf Incident, the My Lai Massacre, documents, and Edwin Moise's Bibliography of the Vietnam War. 

  • Vietnam: Yesterday and Today  An outstanding site!!  A massive site, which provides links to hundreds of resources on the Vietnam War.  Select The Vietnam War under Web Links to find links to the following: the aftermath of the war; general history; literature and art; memorials; periodicals; personal accounts; the POW/MIA issue; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Agent Orange; veterans.  The site also contains a chronology of the war and bibliographies of research materials and Vietnam War literature.  


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