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  The Persian Gulf War


  •  This site provides a chronology of important events, maps, an image collection, information on the nations involved, and the machines used during the war.

  • Frontline: The Gulf War - PBS.  Includes the following: history; people; interviews with government officials and military commanders; war stories of pilots and soldiers; maps; weapons; and BBC radio reports.

  • Gulf War Debriefing Book - By Andrew Leyden.   An outstanding site!!!  Provides a wealth of information on the Gulf War. The "Operation Summary" section summarizes Operation Desert Shield and also provides a week-by-week summary of events in Operation Desert Storm.      "Players" offers information on the countries and leaders of the nations involved in the war and also on the media.  The "Military" section gives  demographic background on the troops and the units deployed, along with information on the military systems used, including armor, artillery, missiles, helicopters, aircraft, and  navy ships. The "Casualties" section provides information on U.S. casualties by state for Desert Shield and Desert Storm as well as information on prisoners of war. Search the "Appendix" to locate a glossary, a chronology of events in the Iraq/Kuwait Crisis, photo pages, veterans's information, and links to additional sites.  Impressive!    

  • Gulflink - Office of the Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses.  Provides news and medical information for Gulf War veterans. Makes available recently declassified military and intelligence documents concerning Gulf War illnesses.    

  • The Persian Gulf War - Rice University.  Contains 3 chapters from The Report to Congress on the Conduct of the Persian Gulf War and also includes The Aspin Report.  Provides television images of the war, a bibliography, and links to additional sites.

  • The Washington Post's Fog of War.  This site provides an analysis of the war by William Arkin, a narrative on the war's goals, photos of targets hit in Baghdad, and video clips of Desert Storm. The "Airstrikes" section includes a special database which "offers hundreds of pages of bomb-damage assessment, including maps, photos and explanations, all accessible by target and date," and a "Battle Calendar," which contains detailed information on all the sites which were attacked each day of the war.  The site also provides Gulf War documents, interviews and essays by Air Force officers, and an archive of  the Washington Post's coverage of the Gulf War.     

  • Gulf War Syndrome - Yahoo.  This site from Yahoo provides links to news stories and to related web sites dealing with Gulf War Syndrome.   Also contains links to other Yahoo sites concerned with the Gulf War and Gulf War veterans.   


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