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  Native American


  • Native American History & Culture - Teacher Oz's Kingdom of History.  Excellent!!!   An impressive site which includes the following: primary documents; maps; specific tribes and tribal areas;  Native American art, literature, music, myth, & science; famous Native Americans; the Indian Wars; Indian removal, the Trail of Tears & the Dawes Act; and Wounded Knee & the American Indian Movement.

  • Indian Wars.  Contains information on the following "Named Campaigns - Indian Wars": Miami; Tippecanoe; Creeks; Seminoles; Black Hawk; Comanches; Modocs; Apaches; Little Big Horn; Nez Perces; Bannocks; Cheyennes; Utes; and Pine Ridge.

  • Native Tech:  Native American Technology and Art.  This site offers articles which provide "historical and contemporary background, technical instruction, and references" on the following: beadwork; birds & feathers; clay & pottery; games & toys; leather & clothes; metalwork; plants & trees; porcupine quills; stonework & tools; weaving & cordage.  Also contains Native American food and recipes, and poems and stories. 

  • The Internet Law Library: Indian Nations and Tribes.  This site provides the texts of treaties, tribal constitutions, U.S. Supreme Court decisions, and laws dealing with Native Americans.

  • Statutes of the United States Concerning Native Americans - The Avalon Project at the Yale Law   School.  Provides the texts of acts dealing with Native Americans, beginning in 1789 and continuing through 1887.

  • Treaties Between the United States and Native Americans - The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School.   Provides the text of treaties from the Treaty with the Delawares in 1778 to the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty.

  • Index of Native American Resources on the Internet.  Provides links to a wide range of topics, including history, culture, art, and language.  Contains official tribal sites and histories, and also online texts of Native American books and periodical articles. 

  • Native American Sites - Lisa Mitten, the University of Pittsburgh.  Lisa Mitten is a librarian at the University of Pittsburgh and is a mixed-blood Mohawk Indian.  Her site provides links to the following: individual Native nations; organizations; tribal colleges and Native Studies programs; languages; powwows and festivals; Native music and arts organizations and individuals; Native businesses; Native journals and newspapers.   She also provides links to the "Mascot Issue."


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