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   Medieval History


  • Earthlore's Gothic Dreams: Gothic Cathedrals.  A beautiful site!  A visually stunning site which provides a profile of the Cathedral of Chartres and also provides an overview of   Notre Dame de Paris.  England's Canterbury Cathedral is also featured.   Contains a section entitled "Deep Dig," which is a glossary of terms related to the task  of building a Gothic cathedral and also contains information on rose windows and gargoyles.  Offers links to additional Medieval/Gothic sites. 

  • The Medieval Sourcebook - Paul Halsall, Fordham University.  An outstanding site!! One could spend days, if not weeks, on this site, which contains hundreds of primary documents. Subjects covered include:  church history; economic life; the Crusades; empire & the papacy; intellectual life; social history; sex & gender; the early Germans; the Carolingians, etc.  Also includes maps, legal texts, and  saint's lives.

  • The Medieval Technology Pages -Paul Gans, New York University.  This site provides "referenced information on technological innovation and related subjects in western Europe during the Middle Ages."  Includes a subject index and a timeline.   Items covered include agricultural tools, cannons, the horse harness, magnets, paper, rat traps, silk, soap, windmills, and the wine press.  Also provides population estimates. 

  • The Middle Ages, Chivalry, & Knighthood: Teacher Oz's Kingdom of History.  An excellent site!!   Offers links to numerous sites.  Some of the topics included are: medieval terms; the Crusades; feudalism & daily life; castles; medieval women; Jews in the Middle Ages; religion; the Inquisition; the Black Death; witchcraft; torture & punishment; Nostradamus; jesters; food & drink; art & architecture; chivalry, knighthood, heraldry, & medieval weaponry.

  • Netserf: The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources - Catholic University of America. Outstanding!! Netserf provides links to sites dealing with every aspect of medieval life, including medieval art and architecture, drama, law, music, philosophy, literature, religion, and science and technology.  Also provides links to general medieval history sites and to sites dealing with medieval people, including artists and musicians, authors, religious figures, and royalty and nobility.

  • ORB: The Online Reference Source  for Medieval Studies. Another excellent site!!  "ORB is an academic site, written and maintained by medieval scholars for the benefit of their fellow instructors and serious students."  This site appears to have everything, including:  excerpts and full texts from primary and secondary sources; a topical index of essays; bibliographies; links to other medieval sites;  teaching resources, including study questions and tips for test-takers.  Also provides a guide to online resources for the nonspecialist.

  • Sir Clisto Seversword's Tome of Adventure & Knowledge. Search the Table of Contents for 52 "chapters" dealing with every fact of medieval life. Note: This site also provides information on the Renaissance, and chapter 29 contains a link to The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

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