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  History of Mathematics, Science & Technology


  • Echo Science & Technology Virtual Center.  An outstanding site!!  Provides links to hundreds of sites, including biographies, online histories, and scientific papers.  Also include links to archives, museums, institutes, universities, and journals.

  • The History of Mathematics - Clark University. Select "Subjects" from the homepage to retrieve information on the history of mathematics by discipline.  Select "Books and other resources" and then "Web Resources"  to access a wealth of additional information, including: hypermedia exhibits; online books and articles; biographies; mathematics societies.  This site also provides links to history of science pages.   Includes the text of Euclid's Elements.

  • The History of Mathematics - Trinity College, Dublin. Includes the following: "Biographies of some seventeenth and eighteenth century mathematicians, taken from A Short Account of the History of Mathematics, (4th ed, 1908) by W.W. Rouse; mathematical papers and other material relating to certain mathematicians and philosopers, including Hamilton, Riemann, Berkeley, Boole, Cantor and Newton; a directory of web sites and pages around the world relevant to the history of mathematics."  

  • The MacTutor History of Mathematics - The University of St. Andrews, Scotland.  An excellent site!! Contains biographies and portraits of over 1300 mathematicians.   Includes a "Famous Curves index," an index of Greek mathematicians, and an index of female mathematicians.  Also provides articles, bibliographies, chronologies, quotations, and links to other sites dealing with the history not only of mathematics, but of science and technology.  One can also search the MacTutor archive by keyword. 

  • Astronomiae Historia/History of Astronomy. An excellent site!!  Select "History of Astronomy" from the homepage to access links to timelines, histories, biographies, observatories, glossaries, archives, and museums. 

  • Selected Classic Papers from the History of Chemistry - Chem Team.   This site includes the full-text of articles by authors including Priestley, Faraday, Rutherford, and Thomson.  Also includes some historical and biographical articles. Links to photos are provided by selecting the Chemists' Photo Gallery at the top of the page, as are links to additional history of science and chemistry papers sites (see links embedded with the paragraphs at the top of the page).      

  • The Center for History of Physics - The American Institute of Physics. Provides links to web exhibits and online source materials on the history of physics and allied fields.  Contains historical photos of scientists.

  • The Net Advance of Physics - Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Offers links to sites concerned with the history of physics, famous experiments, and theories.   Contains biographical information, including the homepages of various scientists, and the memoirs of physicists.

  • The National Library of Medicine:   History of Medicine Division.  Includes HISTLINE (History of Medicine Online), which is "a bibliographical database which is an index to the secondary literature dealing with the history of medicine and related fields that has been published since 1965."  Also provides access to Images from the History of Medicine, a collection of nearly 60,000 images "illustrating the social and historical aspects of medicine."  Offers links to online exhibitions dealing with the history of medicine. 

  • Yale Medical Library:   Historical Medical Library.  An outstanding site!!  Choose "Selected Internet Resources in the History of Medicine and Science" to access links to medical organizations & associations, bibliographies, databases, images, journals, museums, and subject guides.

  • The Charles Babbage Institute of Computer History - University of Minnesota.  CBI is a research center dedicated to promoting the study and preservation of the history of computing and information processing.  Provides links to sites covering the history of computers and software and includes a photo gallery.  Includes features on the Y2K problem.

  • The History of Computing - Virginia Tech.   Provides links to the following:  overviews of the history of computers; people and pioneers; machines; programming languages; calculators; organizations and musems; archives.  Also provides information on the history of networks and the Internet. Contains The Virtual Museum of Computing, which was developed by students at Virginia Tech in 1996.

  • Inventors & Inventions:   Teacher Oz's Kingdom of History.  Provides links to many sites dealing with inventions and inventors, including Leonardo DaVinci, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Alva Edison, Guglielmo Marconi, and Henry Ford.  Also has a section on "Wacky Inventors & Inventions."

  • The National Inventors Hall of Fame.   Provides information on the inventors who have been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio, and describes their inventions. Contains 3 different indexes:  the inventors (alphabetical index); the inventors (by date of induction); and inventions.  The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office was one of the organizations instrumental in establishing the National Inventors Hall of Fame.


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