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   Audiovisual Services



Policies and Procedures for Using of Audiovisual Equipment


College multimedia and audiovisual services are provided by the Audiovisual (AV) Services department.  Services include the following:


  • Equipment checkout for instruction and college activities;

  • Installation and maintenance of the College’s instructional technology;

  • Training;

  • Distance learning support;

  • Set-up of equipment and technical support for group presentations.


Supplies must be provided by the requesting department.  Requests for AV and multimedia services, other than checkout of AV equipment, must be made at least five days in advance and are on a first come, first serve basis.  Production requests are subject to the limitations of staffing and require the full participation of individuals making the request.




The Director of Learning Resources and Distance Learning is responsible for the selection, acquisition, inventory, maintenance, and distribution of all audiovisual materials.  Faculty, staff and state agencies may sign out AV equipment through AV Services.  Advance notice of 48 hours is needed for checkout of AV equipment.  College equipment is for the purpose of instruction or to support instruction at the College.  The use of ALL College equipment for other than its normal purpose at the College is prohibited.  (see Faculty Handbook) The college does not lease nor loan audiovisual equipment to persons, groups, or organizations not affiliated with Danville Community College. 


The AV Services department provides equipment for classroom use in each building on campus.  This equipment must not be removed from the assigned area without the approval of the Director of LR&DL.   Any needed equipment that is not in classrooms may be requested by contacting the division secretary or calling AV Services at extensions 8453 or 8454.   Requests for the purchase of audiovisual materials should be submitted through the appropriate Division Chair or the DLR&DL. 


All audiovisual equipment inventoried to the LRC is recorded in the Audiovisual Equipment Inventory Log.  Information recorded on each item will include the following:


  • ID number

  • Serial number

  • Make and model

  • Purchase price

  • Date purchased

  • Vendor

  • Location of item

  • Any special notes.


The following equipment is available for checkout (subject to change).  Use the Audiovisual Request form when checking out AV equipment.



Any AV equipment found to be defective should be immediately reported to AV Services.


Check-Out of Portable Computer and Data/Video Projector


The portable PC and the LCD projector will be available for check-out through the circulation desk of the Library.  The following procedures approved by Dean’s Council 8/3/95 are provided to regulate its circulation:


  • The computer and LCD projector will be available only to DCC employees.


  • Employees are requested to reserve the computer and LCD projector at least two (2) working days before check-out by calling the LRC.  Check-out will be for overnight use unless the user is going to take the computer out of town.  When being checked out for overnight use, it should be returned to the LRC no later than 10:00 a.m. the following day.


  • If a user needs to check-out the computer for more than one day for in-town use, he/she should let the circulation personnel know what his/her needs are and request an extended check-out period.  In this case, the user will check with the circulation desk by 10:00 a.m. each day to find out if someone else has requested the computer.  If it has been requested, the person making the request for the extended check-out will return it so that it can be available to the next user.  The computer may not be checked out for more than five (5) consecutive days, including weekends, by the same individual without the permission of the Vice President of Academic and Student Development.


  • Each person requesting to check-out the computer will be required to complete an Equipment Use Request form.


  • The software installed on the computer at the time of check-out will be the only software authorized to be loaded.  Under no circumstances should a user load additional software to the computer.  Requests for installing software should be made in writing to the LRC Director who will determine if the College owns an unassigned license for the software.  If additional software is loaded on the computer, it will be done under the direction of the LRC Director.


  • Any exceptions to these procedures must be approved by the Vice President of Instruction and Student Development and conveyed to the LRC Director.


Policy for Long-Term Check-Out of Portable Computers


Portable PCs will be available for long-term check-out through the circulation desk of the Library.  Long-term check-out of portable PCs is for the expressed purpose of the development and administration of distance learning courses.  The following procedures regulate their circulation:


  • The computer will be available only to DCC employees.







Any exceptions to these procedures must be approved by the Vice President of Academic and Student Services and conveyed to the DLR&DL and Distance Learning.




Through the use of recorded media, Danville Community College offers instruction via telecourses to students through the checkout of courses delivered on DVDs.  The telecourses are either produced by the College or purchased commercially.  Student DVDs are copied from the master, checked out to distance learning students at orientation, and then returned to the Learning Assistance Center or to the instructor at the semester’s end to be reused the following semester. 


Safeguards and procedures for ensuring the technical quality of telecourse DVDs are as follows:


  • During duplication, all DVDs are spot-checked for problems by a staff member.


  • When DVDs are returned by the student, a staff member ensures that all the tapes have been returned, that they are in the correct order, and that their physical condition (label, cover, etc.) is satisfactory.


  • Students are told at orientation that if they are having any technical problems with the videotapes to contact their instructor immediately. 


  • If problems with DVDs do occur, the student may return the disc to the instructor and it is usually replaced immediately. If a replacement is not available, one is made and the student has the DVD within two days.  If necessary, the replacement of DVD can be initiated by a phone call and handled by mail.


  • As students return DVDs, they are asked to identify any problems with the DVDs and corrective action is taken.


  • Each semester the DLR&DL and Distance Learning collects data in the form of student and faculty surveys to evaluate the technical quality of the video portion of distance learning courses.


  • Defective DVDs are replaced as needed.







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