Technical Requirements

Operating Systems


Mac OS X

Windows 7 or 8

10.3, 10.4, 10.5

Minimum System Requirements


Intel or AMD
(233 or higher MHz speed)

PowerPC or Intel
(400 or higher MHz speed)

Memory (RAM)

1 GB or higher

1 GB


JavaScript and cookies enabled

JavaScript and cookies enabled

Java 2

Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

Java for Mac OS X


Internet Explorer

 IE 8 or 9






10.5 - 10.7

*Please reference the following resource provided by Blackboard, Inc.:
 The referenced Web page lists current information on supported Web browsers, plug-ins, and operating systems for Release 8.0 of Blackboard and provides detailed information on which Web browsers are fully tested and supported.


Browser settings

  • Cookies, JavaScript, and Java 2 must be enabled
  • Add Blackboard ( as a trusted site

NOTE: If you experience problems while using Blackboard, we recommend you clear your PC’s Java cache and that you clear the cache and cookies within your Web browser.


Multimedia files may require plug-ins to run properly. Plug-ins are software programs that extend the capabilities of your browser so it can handle certain types of content that you might encounter.


You must have access to a reliable, preferably high-speed, Internet connection.

Recommended hardware**:

Personal Storage Media (e.g. hard drive, USB flash drive)

Storage requirements depend on the instructor's use of Blackboard. Multimedia files distributed through Blackboard may be relatively large. As such, it is recommended that students estimate a need of 256 – 500 MB of disk space for each class taken through Blackboard.


DSL or cable recommended(56K modem minimum)

Monitor (Display)

800x600 minimum display resolution; higher resolution of 1024x768 or higher recommended

Optical Drive

DVD/CD-ROM drive required for some courses


Sound card required for some courses


Optional hardware with microphone for audio capabilities

**Blackboard uses the latest Web technologies to provide a rich interactive Web experience. Because of this, however, these applications may not function well on older computers.

Note: Other software or hardware may be required for individual courses of study.  Please refer to your course outlines for these requirements.

NOTE: We are including this link simply for your reference and information. Students should understand that the College cannot provide support or recommendations for personal computer purchases.

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