Registered Nursing


Are you motivated to find a career that will allow you to make a greater contribution to society? Do you want a profession that provides for continued growth and opportunity for change? Do you find health topics fascinating and have compassion for individuals attempting to overcome injury or illness? If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, then nursing may be for you. Nursing opens many professional paths for students. Advancement is endless. Nurses frequently function as bedside nurses in hospital settings but are also employed by physicians, attorneys, insurance companies, private industry, school districts, public health departments, fire departments, and ambulatory surgical centers. The associate level Nurse may also advance to the B.S.N. education level which in turn opens the door to graduate studies in clinical practice (Nurse Practitioner), research, and supervision and management studies. 

The Nursing Program accepts applications for Fall admission every January. The student has approximately one month to complete the application process and submit to the Nursing Department.  Applications may be obtained from the DCC website or in the Nursing Department in January.  After all applications are submitted, students will receive a letter in the mail to register for a nurse entrance exam.  This computerized test is given by the nursing faculty in March on specified dates only.  After testing is completed, the nursing faculty review each application and decisions are made for admission in approximately four to six weeks.  All applicants will receive a letter of notification of the decisions made.

RN NCLEX Pass Rates:     

                                               2016     100%
                                               2015      100%

                                               2014      92%
                                               2013      77%
2012      92.8%
                                               2011      76.9%

Certain criminal convictions may prevent licensure as a nurse or certification as a nurse aide in Virginia.  Criminal convictions may also prohibit employment in certain health care settings.

Students convicted on any felony do not qualify for the nursing program at DCC.  Students convicted of any misdemeanor involving moral turpitude/barrier crimes do not qualify for the nursing program at DCC.  Any clinical facility has the right to refuse a student clinical placement in their facility based on prior criminal, drug or employment history.  It is strongly advised that any such student contact the program head for clarification.  The clinical facilities will not allow students to complete clinical hours and students will not be able to meet the Virginia Board of Nursing requirements of direct clinical hours, nor meet the credit requirement for graduation.  Students must produce a satisfactory criminal background check to the standards of ALL clinical agencies used by the college for experiential/clinical learning upon enrolling in the nursing program.  Any charges or costs to secure the evaluation will be the responsibility of the student.

Any student entering the program who has committed illegal offenses other than minor traffic violations should discuss these matters with the program head for clarification.

Program Outcomes

Curriculum Map

Admission Selection Policy for Registered Nurses

For more information consult the
College Catalog.

First Year - Fall Semester

NUR 111 Nursing I 8
NUR 100  Introduction to Nursing 2
NUR 226 Health Assessment 3
BIO 231* Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
MTH 126 Mathematics for Allied Health 3
Spring Semester
NUR 112 Nursing II 8
NUR 230 Pharmacology 3
ENG 111 College Composition 3
BIO 232 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
Summer Semester  
NUR 202 Medical/Surgical Nursing I 4

Second Year - Fall Semester

PSY 230 Developmental Psychology 3
NUR 245 Maternal/Newborn Nursing 3
NUR 246 Parent/Child Nursing 3
HLT XXX Approved Health Elective 2
Spring Semester
NUR 208 Acute Medical Surgical Nursing 5
NUR 247 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing 3
NUR 254 Dimensions of Professional Nursing 2
HUM XXX Humanities Elective 3
SOC 200 Principles of Sociology 3
Total Minimum Credits for the AAS in Registered Nursing  69

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