PED 109 Syllabus

Division:        Arts and Sciences                                                                                                   Date:  February 2014

Curricula in Which Course is Taught: Any curriculum requiring a PED elective

Course Number and Title:           PED 109, Yoga

Credit Hours:   1-2              Hours/Wk Lecture:   0-1    Hours/Wk Lab: 2-4                         Lec/Lab Comb:    2-4


      I.        Catalog Description:  Focuses on the forms of yoga training emphasizing flexibility.


    II.            Relationship of the course to curricula objectives in which it is taught:  Teaches the forms of yoga and how this contributes toward personal wellness and development.


   III.        Required background:    None


  IV.        Course Content:

A.   What is Yoga?

B.   Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

C.   8 Limbs of Yoga

D.    Prana and the Subtle Body

E.   The Body's Energy Centers

F.     The Yoga Diet

G.   Constitutions

H.   Understanding posture 

I.      The postures           

J.    Sequencing

K.    The vital breath                     

L.    Skillful Speech

M.   Meditation         

V.  Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of the course the students


VI.  Evaluation


Attendance, exam, projects, assignments


A.   possess knowledge of history of yoga

B.   possess knowledge and understanding of the paths of yoga.

C.   have awareness of the body's chakra (energy) centers.

D.   have knowledge, understanding and ability to execute basic asanas safely.

E.   possess knowledge of Pranayama (breath work and exercise) to aid in execution of asana and relaxation.

F.    know meditation techniques to aid in concentration and relaxation.

G.   possess knowledge of Sanskrit terminology regarding asanas.


VII.    This course supports the following objectives:

DCC Educational Objectives:

Cultural and Social Understanding
Personal Development