HLT 105 Syllabus

Division:        Arts and Sciences                                                                                                   Date:  February 2014

Curricula in Which Course is Taught: Basic Dental Assisting career studies certificate

Course Number and Title:            HLT 105, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Credit Hours:   1                  Hours/Wk Lecture:    1                   Hours/Wk Lab:                    Lec/Lab Comb:    1


      I.        Catalog Description: Provides training in coordinated mouth-to-mouth artificial ventilation and chest compression, choking, life-threatening emergencies, and sudden illness. Equivalent to EMS 100.


    II.        Relationship of the course to curricula objectives in which it is taught: Provides a training in CPR that would be useful in a dental office


 III.            Required background:  Prerequisite ENF 2


  IV.        Course Content:

A.   Adult, Child, and Infant CPR

B.   Air-Way Obstruction

C.   AED

V.  Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of the course the students


VI.  Evaluation


A.   Be able to respond to airway blockage

B.   Perform CPR appropriately for infants, children, and adults

Student performance will be assessed using some combination of special tests, reports, and special projects defined by the faculty.  All students must demonstrate strategies and CPR protocols.


All written assignments will be assessed for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and consistency according to the conventions of standard English.

VII.    This course supports the following objectives:

DCC Educational Objectives:

Personal Development
Critical Thinking