Program Outcomes: Students who successfully complete the cybercrime investigation certificate program will know how to:

1. Investigate computer crimes and incidents and accurately analyze and report findings

2. Prepare written computer-forensics investigation reports that are admissible in court

3. Describe network components, protocols, architectures, and the application of current communication and networking technologies

4. Acquire, recover, document and analyze information contained within and created by computer systems, including different operating systems and networks, computer devices, and digital devices including cellular telephones and digital cameras

5. Identify the specifics of computer and network security exposures and vulnerabilities and the countermeasures available to prevent breaches and other system intrusions

6. Help organizations increase awareness of security policies and procedures

7. Collect, analyze and evaluate evidence data using industry-standard computer forensic software and hardware

8. Collaborate with others to conduct a proper computer-forensics investigation

9. Discuss and apply the rules of evidence and court procedures and apply the legal and ethical issues related to the acquisition and analysis of digital evidence