In the past, evaluation of adjunct classes has been restricted to the distribution of student opinion surveys.  However, this assessment is too limited to secure an accurate picture of the quality of instruction in any class.  Student assessments typically fail to identify strategies that will improve instruction.  Further, students are not accurate judges of the content of courses.  In order to overcome these weaknesses, the A&S Division in the spring of 2010 agreed to add other dimensions to its evaluation and assessment of adjunct classes.  First, it was decided that a system of peer review could overcome some of these weaknesses.  Second, it was decided that it would be valuable to obtain the faculty member's own assessment of his or her instruction and classroom preparation .  Surely, instructors' own assessments  of themselves and of how their classes are conducted are relevant and important to pedagogical improvement.

In response to these issues we believe a peer-based mentoring system provides feedback and discussion which can be valuable to both full-time and part-time faculty.  Active dialogue and communication between peers can strengthen the skills of both parties.  However, this discussion needs to begin around course materials such as course outlines, tests, writing assignments and a self-assessment which we expect faculty to complete.  Forms for the self-assessment can be found to the right depending on your status as either a dual enrollment or on-campus adjunct.   Full-time faculty mentors are required to collect digital copies of these forms and to discuss these materials with you.  These forms will be part of our course evaluation.

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