What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment is a program designed for motivated junior and senior high school students to get a running start on their college education. All dual enrollment courses offer a chance for the student to receive college credit, as well as high school credit. Best of all, the college credit is free for the student and parent! This is because there is a contractual agreement between the public school system and Danville Community College.

What are the Benefits?


Every dual enrollment student receives instruction from a qualified faculty member from Danville Community College. The student receives instruction at the college level for each dual enrollment course taken.

Dual enrollment students are given the opportunity to get ahead on their college credits. These credits may apply towards an Associates degree or Certificate. In addition, an Associates degree or Certificate may be earned while the student is still in high school. See Certificate and Degree Options for more information about our Dual Enrollment Degree program.

Dual enrollment courses which are completed with a "C" or better, may be transferrable to a 4-year university or college. Each college handles transfer credits differently. Contact DCC's transfer counselor or the college in which the student plans to attend for more information about which credits may transfer.


Since dual enrollment courses are FREE for the student, this saves money on tuition, books, and other fees. In turn, the overall cost for a degree or certificate is decreased therefore saving the student and families up to thousands of dollars.


Dual enrollment courses offer the student experience in college level coursework. This gives the student an idea of what to expect when entering college upon high school graduation. In addition, dual enrollment courses may help prepare students for the higher levels of college courses.

Which Courses are Offered as Dual Enrollment Courses?

Each high school varies on which courses are offered as dual enrollment courses. Contact the student's high school counselor to find out which courses are considered dual enrollment. Some examples of dual enrollment courses are as follows:

Transfer Courses: These courses include, but are not limited to English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, and Calculus. These courses are typically excepted at most colleges and universities. However, it is best to check with the college to make sure.

CTE (Career and Technical Education) Courses: These courses include courses which offer education in subjects directly related to career fields. Examples of some of these courses include Cisco Networking, Microsoft Word, Computer Aided Drafting, Auto Body, and Nurse Aid.

What if My High School Doesn't Offer What I Want to Take?

High school students who want to take courses offered through Danville Community College, but are not offered as dual enrollment courses, may be taken through Concurrent Enrollment. Concurrent enrollment allows the high school student to take college courses on Danville Community College's campus. Our tuition is considerably lower than a four-year college's tuition, therefore, concurrent enrollment is a great option for high school students to obtain college credit while saving time and money on his/her college degree.

What Do I Have to Do to Take Dual Enrollment or Concurrent Enrollment Courses?

In order to enroll into dual enrollment courses or concurrent enrollment courses, there are a few steps that need to be completed. See our checklist below:

  • Complete a Danville Community College online application. Click here for instructions about applying online. Click here to apply online.

  • For dual enrollment, complete and return to Danville Community College, the Dual Enrollment Permission Form. Click here for the Dual Enrollment Parent Permission Form.

  • For concurrent enrollment for high school and home schooled students, click here for more instructions.

  • Complete the VPT (Virginia Placement Test). DCC offers testing on campus at specific times. Check with our admissions office for days and times. DCC also provides, as a service to students and parents, placement testing at the student's high school. Check with the high school guidance counselor for days and times being offered. Click here for placement testing information and practice.

  • Check with the guidance counselor at the student's high school for choices of dual enrollment courses and enrollment into those courses.

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