Consumer Information

Danville Community College is required to provide the following information according to federal regulation [34 CFR 668.41]. All recipients or prospective recipients of federal aid must have a thorough understanding of the information shared below.

Vaccination Policy

DCC does not have any vaccination requirements for admission. However, some academic programs, particularly allied health programs, may require vaccinations for participation in laboratories and clinicals. Students interested in programs in this field should consult with an academic counselor for more information.

Voter Registration

Danville Community College encourages all students to register to vote. To obtain a voter registration form or for more information on voter registration please visit the  Voter Registration Information Page.

Constitution Day

Each year, DCC hosts Constitution Day activities. Students will be notified of such activities via email and social media. The day is normally marked by several activities and pocket constitutions are distributed.

International Education Opportunities and Funding

Danville Community College does not participate in consortium agreements with institutions outside of the United States for purposes of study abroad.


Danville Community College and its representatives will not engage in misrepresentation. This includes misrepresentation of the nature of its educational program, its financial charges, the employability of its graduates, or its relationship with the Department of Education. Misrepresentation is prohibited in all forms, including those made in any promotional or marketing materials. DCC intends to relay true and accurate information in all forms.