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Dr. Carey Roberts


DCC to Host Liberty University Professor for Constitution Day


(September 14, 2017)  – Danville Community College will host guest lecturer Dr. Carey Roberts, Liberty University history professor and associate dean of the college of arts and sciences, in observance of Constitution Day at 11 a.m. on Thursday, September 21, in Oliver Hall.
Roberts, who has worked at Liberty University for four years, said that attendees can expect to take away a better understanding of the function of federal government as it relates to the Constitution.
“The Constitution created a special kind of government—a federal government. We often define federalism as merely separation of powers, but that’s not what it’s really about. A federal government is created for a large, diverse country and necessarily draws a line between those policies and laws that should affect everyone in the country and those things that are best reserved for local considerations,? Roberts explained. “It is the only way to sustain a large, diverse country. Studying the Preamble to the Constitution will help us better understand what is meant by ‘federalism’ and why it is essential for America today.?
Roberts said that his interest in history came from the desire to better understand what was happening in the world.
“I studied overseas as a college student and majored in international studies, so I took some history courses, but not many,? he said. “The Berlin Wall just fell, and I was struck that many scholars in my discipline were caught off guard, but not historians. Realizing that historians asked better questions and seemed to have the best answers during that formative period in my life helped shape my interest in history.?
Roberts added that vast amounts of data are critical to truly understanding the past and its relevance today.
“History provides a big picture approach to human existence in ways that other disciplines cannot. Historians are trained to amass huge amounts of data, then analyze that in the most minute ways,? Roberts said. “Take for example the Philadelphia Convention of 1787. To really understand the Constitutional Convention, you need a working knowledge of each state’s history, their politics, housing patterns in the city (so you know which delegates roomed together), the history of the War for Independence, and broad streams of political philosophy. You even need to understand climate to determine the important variable of weather and temperatures during what was then an unusually hot summer. History brings all of these things to mind as we construct our analysis of the past.?
Roberts said that he would be available to discuss pursuing history degrees or careers related to history or government with students following the lecture.
This event is free and open to the public.
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