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Luvennia Williams and Wendy Brannock 

Danville Community College alumnae Luvennia Williams, left, and Wendy Brannock, right, recently earned their master of business administration degrees together at Averett University. The pair met at DCC, became fast friends, and encouraged one another through their graduation from DCC’s administrative support technology — medical office specialization program and Averett’s Graduate and Professional Studies bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.


DCC graduates, best friends earn MBA degrees from Averett


(December 20, 2016)  – In 2012, two friends walked across the stage at Danville Community College’s graduation. The friendship they formed as students at DCC carried them through earning their bachelor’s degrees at Averett University two years later and, on Saturday, December 10, they received their diplomas together again — now, they are masters of business administration.


Wendy Brannock and Luvennia Williams, both of Danville, met while studying in DCC’s administrative support technology — medical office specialization program.


“Before I enrolled at DCC, I was a third shift supervisor at a company in Greensboro, N.C.,? Brannock, 53, said. “I had been right-sized many times and, when I heard in 2008 that I was going to get right-sized again, I decided to take advantage of the Trade Act and go back to college. My employer was surprised because they just knew I was going to take whatever position they offered me, in order to keep a job.?


“I started at DCC when I finished high school in 1979, but I was not able to finish at that time,? Williams, 55, said. “I did take a few classes at a time in the following years. In 2010, after my son finished high school, I made the decision to return and complete my associate’s degree. It was always my goal to finish college and I felt that DCC was a great school.?


Following the realization of their most recent higher education goal, the friends took some time to reflect on their academic journey.


“At DCC, we both had classes together such as medical coding and Peachtree accounting,? Williams said. “We were also members of the Alpha Beta Gamma Honor Society. I didn’t have a favorite class over any others. I felt that they were all important.?


“I enjoyed all of my classes and my instructors at DCC,? Brannock said. “My learning experience at DCC was the best I could have ever expected to receive. The instructors were always ready and available when I needed some assistance or advice. In addition, the tutoring center staff and tutors were the best.?


Brannock and Williams were both honor graduates. Brannock was also in the Upsilon Phi chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society and Williams was recognized by Who’s Who Among Students in America’s Junior Colleges, placed on the president’s and vice president’s honor rolls, and received the Wyatt-Townes Family Endowed Scholarship.


Following graduation in 2012, the duo continued their undergraduate studies in Averett University’s Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) program.


“I never gave up. I kept on pushing in order to achieve what I have done,? Brannock said.


“The decision to pursue my MBA was not an easy one because I had decided that, when I finished my bachelor’s degree, I was finished attending college, but Wendy convinced me that it would be good to pursue the MBA and I am glad I did,? Williams explained.


“Well, I kind of talked Luvennia into pursuing an MBA degree before we graduated with our bachelor’s degrees,? Brannock said. “I told her that we should go ahead and do it while we were in the routine of studying and doing homework.?


The advantages of earning higher academic degrees include increased earning potential and statistically-supported higher quality of life. For Brannock, however, a very personal benefit as emerged from receiving her degrees.


“It is something that I have earned that no one can take away from me,? Brannock said.


Having a strong support system is beneficial to the collegiate experience. For Brannock and Williams, having a close friend during the journey made all of the difference.


“It felt good to have a friend with me throughout my academic adventure,? Williams explained. “At Averett, we sometimes worked in groups to complete projects. Wendy and I were in a group together throughout our time there. Wendy was my inspiration when we had to give presentations because I am not a person who loves to do that. She always helped me to feel confident that I could complete the task. During the tough times, we would push each other and remind each other that we could complete the goals we had set.?


“Luvennia and I complemented each other in different areas. For example, she was good at writing and I did not mind doing research. We would meet and hash over a project until both of us were in agreement,? Brannock said. “Luvennia has been the best friend any person could ever have. When I felt like giving up, she was there to keep me focused, and I hope I did the same for her.?


Brannock said she has no regrets about her time as a student at DCC and Averett.


“The instructors and professors at DCC and Averett have a lot of knowledge, wisdom, and experience to offer,? she explained. “I have no regrets of my educational journey for the past seven years. It has been awesome and I have met a lot of truly awesome people.?


“Getting an education was always important to me,? Williams said. “It became hard to pursue when my kids were younger, because I wanted to give all of my attention to them and to help them do well in school. When my youngest child finished high school, I felt that it was ‘now my time’ to complete this goal. My motivation was proving to my children that, if I could attend college at my age and do well, they could also do well. There was a time when all three of us were in college at the same time and we would push each other to accomplish our goals. I hope to inspire anyone who has thought about going back to school, and felt that they were too old to do it, to take that step. You are never too old to learn and it is a great feeling to be able to walk across a stage when you have completed your studies, knowing you gave your all in every class that you completed.?


The two friends said they plan to keep in touch, now that their academic journey is complete. For more information about DCC’s programs of study and to read more stories about student success, visit



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