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Abdullah Nasir
Liberal Arts: Social Science Specialization/College Transfer


Abdullah Nasir

Abdullah Nasir

DANVILLE, VA, September 9, 2013 - At 19 years old, Abdullah Nasir has a career goal of earning a Doctorate of Psychology in both Clinical and Forensic Psychology.

A 2012 graduate of George Washington High School, Nasir chose Danville Community College to further his education and enrolled in the Liberal Arts – Social Science Specialization program.

“I chose Danville Community College for many reasons; the first and foremost reason would be that I did not believe I was mature enough to go out on my own,? Nasir explains. “After graduating high school, I wished to become more mature, enrich myself with ‘real-world applications’ of knowledge, experience an educational setting that consists of professors with a passion to actually teach students, as well as prepare them for the future, and to gain a quality education. There were no other options available to me that did not including leaving home.?

Nasir, a native of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is the son of Abdul and Rukhsana Nasir.

When asked who encouraged him to attend college, Nasir says, “My parents. They moved here from overseas specifically for the purpose of me having an education. From childhood, they would tell me the wonders and benefits of having an education in a country that is known for it, and I could not possibly thank them enough. Many children today do not even fathom the importance of a proper education, and many do not have the opportunity to pursue it; thankfully, my parents both enlightened me as well as provided me the means for it as well. I have them to thank for everything. ?

Nasir says he became interested in psychology after his travels around the world.

“In traveling to many places around the world, I came to find myself studying the different behaviors of the variety of people of whom I was in contact with,? Nasir says. “I find myself fascinated by psychology in every aspect, it is a passion.?

Nasir, who will complete his studies in May 2014, plans to transfer to The College of William and Mary to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

He adds there were several challenges he has had to overcome while pursuing an education.

“In high school, we are herded like sheep, our schedules are laid out for us ahead of time, the classes and books are free, and the minimum anyone expected out of you was for you to simply be there,? Nasir notes. “In college, it is a different world. You pay for your classes and books, and in that sense you are expected to put forth your utmost effort in the class. After all, it is your success and money on the line. You have to make sure you sign up for classes on time and to be prepared to do work for the class even outside of class.?
Nasir admits it was caring professors and family who help him adjust to rigors of college life.

“My professors most certainly take credit for a big portion of the help I needed for the transition into college,? he says. “However, I also received a significant amount of support from my family. For every good grade, for every good commentary from a professor on a particular piece of work, my family would cheer me on, boosting my motivation in the long run. In fact, all four of them made me a cardboard camel once for my presentation on the Arabian Desert I had due the next day.

“I was so engrossed on the actual presentation, I had totally forgotten about it! In the end within an hour every single one of them helped including going out buying the materials, and even decorating it! Without my family I most certainly would have gotten nowhere in life, and that is a fact. I also couldn’t possibly forget my friends. There were many friends I made in DCC that had the same classes as me, and they were in the same predicament as I was. Together we helped each other out with the change, and eventually became very close,? Nasir continues.
While being a full time student, Nasir has maintained high academic standards, earning him recognition on the DCC President’s Honors List. Nasir also serves as president of the Upsilon Phi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for two-year college students. Nasir also attends the Danville Islamic Center and is a volunteer at the Danville Humane Society.
What’s the best thing about DCC?
“Honestly, I love everything about DCC. The atmosphere is completely academic and goal oriented, Nasir says. “The students want to simply complete their education, and the faculty wants to get them there. Personally, I love the way the professors have treated me. Of all the professors that I had the pleasure of studying under, every single one of them had high hopes for me. They constantly motivate me to reach my highest potential, and they have all supported me in every endeavor I had wished to pursue. If it weren’t for them, I may not have been as confident in myself as I am now.?
Nasir says he encourages others to attend DCC because of the positive experiences he has had.

“I have many friends here who have been able to even think about attending college because of the financial aid DCC had to offer. Not only does DCC help students get an education, but in the long run the College prepares you for the real world,? Nasir explains. “There is a vast array of opportunities DCC provides students for many fields of study. DCC gave students an opportunity to enroll in a business etiquette dinner class! How many institutions provide that? All in all, DCC is the best place to start on your road to success.?

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