Familiarizing Yourself with the Grade Center


Locate the Evaluation section under the Control Panel Menu and click on it to open it.






 Click on the Grade Center option:





The Grade Center opens to a spreadsheet view listing students in rows and graded items in columns. All features of the Grade Center can be accessed through the Spreadsheet. 




These features include:


Add Grade Column: Instructors may add items and grades to the Grade Center for work that has been done outside of Blackboard. For example, if a student manually hands in a lab report, the instructor may add the Item and all of the grades associated with it to the Grade Center. To create a column for a manual grade the instructor can utilize the Add Grade Column tool to create a new column.


Add Calculated Column: Regular Grade Columns simply hold grades. Calculated Grade Columns are used to add calculations to your Grade Center, much like formulas in an Excel spreadsheet.


Manage: The Manage tool allows the instructor to select an order items to appear in the Grade Center, set categories for weighting, export the Grade Center to an external spreadsheet program such as Excel and import it back again, and show/hide users.  There are some other advanced features that I will not cover here. 

Email:  This handy new feature allows you to email students directly out of the Grade Center while you are working on grades without having to leave to go back to the Control Panel.


Reports: set up special reports like a report card that can be printed and given to students.


Grade History: This feature displays a spreadsheet that will show everything done in the Grade Center over a period of time.  For example, if you can't recall the last time you graded, it will tell you.


Current View: You can set the way your Grade Center can be viewed.  I find the Full Grade Center View to be the most useful.


Sort Columns By: Different ways to show the columns.  Again, I find the default the most useful, but you can play with it.

Icon Legend : Every student has a value for every Grade Center item. If the value is not a representation of the grade, it will be one of the following symbols (You can access this popup by clicking the Icon Legend link):




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