Division:  Arts & Sciences                                                                                                                                                 Date:  February 2014

Curricula in Which Course is Taught:  College Transfer in Liberal Arts, Science, Business Administration, etc.

Course Number and Title:  REL 200  Survey of the Old Testament

Credit Hours: 3        Hours/Wk Lec: 3      Hours/Wk Lab:                   Lec/Lab Comb:


I.          Catalog Description:  Surveys books of the Old Testament, with emphasis on prophetic historical books.  Examines the historical and geographical setting and place of the Israelites in the ancient Middle East as background to the writings.  Lecture 3 hours per week.

II.         Relationship of the course to curricula objectives in which it is taught:.

The course in Old Testament is designed to lead students in exploring and understanding the literary foundations of Western ethics, philosophy, and culture in the literature of the Bible (Old Testament).

III.        Required

Non developmental in English.

IV.       Course Content (LIST THE MAJOR TOPICS.)

Methodology:  Translation, Exegesis, and Exposition
Biblical Scholarly Research
The Torah (“Law” or “Covenant”)
The Former Prophets ("Historical Books")
The Latter Prophets ("Prophets who Published")
The Writings

V.           Learner Outcomes

A.   The student will be able to demonstrate basic information found in the Old Testament, including the economic geography of ancient Palestine, pivotal events and their relative dates, key characters and the larger evolving conception of deity interacting with humanity.


B.   Students desiring superior proficiency in Old Testament Literature will demonstrate same by identifying, researching, and producing an individualized project in a specific facet of Old Testament materials(s).

VI.          Evaluation

A.   Tests requiring identification of places, persons, events, etc.


B.   A student researched and assembled descriptive outline of the “Books” of the Old Testament.


C.   student written and/or oral presentation of an Old Testament subject formulated by student in consultation with the instructor.

VII. This course supports the following objectives:

DCC Educational Objectives

            Critical Thinking

            Cultural and Social Understanding