MTH 272 Syllabus


Division:        Arts and Sciences                                                                                                               Date:  Februray 2014         


Curricula in Which Course is Taught:


Course Number and Title:           MTH 272, Applied Calculus II


Credit Hours:   3                  Hours/Wk Lecture:             Hours/Wk Lab:                    Lec/Lab Comb:   



I.              Catalog Description:         Covers techniques of integration, multivariable calculus, and an introduction to differential equations. Prerequisite: MTH 271 or equivalent. Lecture 3 hours per week.


II.            Relationship of the course to curricula objectives in which it is taught: 

This course is a continuation of MTH 271 and is a college-level transfer class.


III.           Required background: 

MTH 271 or equivalent course


IV.          Course Content:

1.    Anti derivatives

2.    Method of substitution

3.    Integration by ports

4.    Areas under curves

5.    Applications to Business and Economics

6.    Average Value of Functions

7.    Numerical Integration

8.    Differential Equations

9.    Applications to Probability

10. Functions and Domains

11. Partial Derivatives

12. Optimization

13. Lagrange Multipliers

14. Method of Least Squares


V.  Learner Outcomes


The student will:


VI.  Evaluation


Students will be assessed by some combination of quizzes, tests, homework, and examinations as determined by faculty.   Students will use calculators only after demonstrating mastery of essential deductive skills without them.


         VII.    This course supports the following objectives:


DCC Educational Objectives:

Critical Thinking

Quantitative Reasoning

Scientific Reasoning