Division:        Arts and Sciences                                                                                                   February 2014


Curricula in Which Course is Taught:   First Year Studies, or any AAS program that requires a HLT/PED elective


Course Number and Title:  HLT 204, Women’s Health


Credit Hours:  3                   Hours/Wk Lecture:             3          Hours/Wk Lab:          Lec/Lab Comb:  3



I.              Catalog Description:   Explores current issues related to women's health and wellness with an emphasis upon prevention of disease and optimum well being. Takes a multi-ethnic approach to exploring the most up-to-date findings, diagnostic tools, and treatments for breast cancer, reproductive tract illness, heart, and other common diseases faced by women from puberty through menopause.


II.            Relationship of the course to curricula objectives in which it is taught:    Identifies issues in women’s health and prevention of diseases.

III.           Required background:   ENF 3 as a co-requisite


IV.          Course Content:

A.   Foundations of Women's Health

a.    Introducing Women's Health

b.    Becoming a Wise Consumer

c.    Developing a Healthy Lifestyle

B.   Mental and Emotional Wellness

a.     Enhancing Emotional Well-Being

b.     Managing the Stress of Life

C.   Sexual and Relational Wellness

a.    Building Healthy Relationships

b.    Preventing Abuse against Women

c.    Exploring Women’s Sexuality

d.    Designing You Reproductive Life Plan

D.        Contemporary Lifestyle and Social Issues

a.    Eating Well

b.    Keeping Fit

c.    Using Alcohol Responsibly

d.    Making Wise Decisions about Tobacco, Caffeine, and Drugs                 

E.   Communicable and Chronic Conditions

a.    Preventing and Controlling Infectious Diseases

b.    Preventing and Controlling Chronic Health Conditions

c.    Reducing Your Risk of Cancer

V.  Learner Outcomes


The student will:


VI.  Evaluation

A.   Upon completion of the course the student will understand about:

1.    Making informed decisions about health & health care

2.    Becoming a wise consumer

3.    Developing a healthy lifestyle

4.    Enhancing emotional well being

5.    Managing stress

6.    Building healthy relationships

7.    Exploring women’s sexuality

8.    Designing a reproductive plan

9.    Preventing abuse against women

10. Eating well

11. Keeping fit

12. Using Alcohol Responsibly

13. Making Wise Decisions about Tobacco, Caffeine, and Drugs   

14. Preventing and controlling infectious diseases

15. Preventing and controlling chronic health conditions

16. Reducing Risk of cancer


Class participation, quizzes, and final exam

VII.   This course supports the following objectives:

DCC Educational Objectives:
Critical Thinking
Cultural and Social Understanding
Information Literacy
Personal Development
Scientific Reasoning