HIS 121 Syllabus


Division: Arts and Sciences Date: June 2015


Curricula in Which Course is Taught: Liberal Arts - Humanities, Liberal Arts Social Science, Science, Business Administration


Course Number and Title: HIS 121, United States History I

Credit Hours: 3 Hours/Wk Lecture: 3 Hours/Wk Lab: Lec/Lab Comb:



I.              Catalog Description: Surveys United States history from its beginning to the present. Lecture 3 hours per week.


II.            Relationship of the course to curricula objectives in which it is taught:


This course provides students with a basic knowledge of the cultural, economic and sound history of the United States which is essential for understanding current issues and events in our society. Interpretive skills and this background knowledge promote the development of reflective citizens able to understand current political and social issues.


III.           Required background:


Non-developmental in reading and writing.


IV.          Course Content:


  1. Why Study History?
  2. Pre-Columbian America
  3. Age of Exploration
  4. Colonial America
  5. Revolutionary America
  6. The Early Republic
  7. The Market Revolution,
  8. The Antebellum South,
  9. Jacksonian America

10.   Westward Expansion and Manifest Destiny

11.   The Secession Crisis

12.   The American Civil War and Reconstruction



V. Learner Outcomes


VI. Evaluation

Students who complete this course in a satisfactory way will:


Learn the History of American History. Learning history is commanding a body of knowledge which will in many cases be previously unfamiliar. Students will not simply learn facts, but will understand and use historical information.


Analyze and synthesize complex ideas based on historical evidence in concise and clear historical narratives. Writing historical narratives requires diverse forms of historical analysis and interpretation, and their interrelation.


Develop and improve reading, writing and analytical skills through readings, discussions, written and oral presentations. Analytical skills allow for comprehension of questions of comparison over space and time as well as interpretation of historical maps, and visual documents.


Understand the relevance of each historical period, and the differences between historical periods and the present day. Understanding of past realities allows better estimation of the present with future projections.

Students will demonstrate proficiency through a combination of quizzes, oral presentations, critical essays, term papers or other assignments as determined by each faculty member. This class requires a research project which involves accessing sources of historical information outside the required text for the course. This project will be defined by each faculty member.


All written assignments will be assessed for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and consistency according to the conventions of standard English.



         VII.    This course supports the following objectives:


DCC Educational Objectives:


Critical Thinking

Cultural and Social Understanding

Information Literacy