ENG 255  Syllabus


Division:        Arts and Sciences                                                                                                                                       Date:  February 2014


Curricula in Which Course is Taught: College Transfer Coures


Course Number and Title:           ENG 255, Major Writers in World Literature


Credit Hours:  3                   Hours/Wk Lecture:  3         Hours/Wk Lab:                    Lec/Lab Comb:   



I.              Catalog Description:         Examines major writers selected from a variety of literary traditions and countries.  Develops writing techniques and literary analysis strategies by understanding how the writer uses elements of literature such as connotation, figurative language, imagery, irony, syntax, and allusion to achieve the central message.  Instructs students in critical reading, modes of discourse and awareness of language in understanding the writer’s craft, and application of correct usage and mechanics. 


II.            Relationship of the course to curricula objectives in which it is taught: 

Students successfully completing this course will demonstrate the ability to read, think, and write critically, to participate in literary discussions, to listen objectively and respond to classmates, and to develop a cultural and historical perspective.


III.           Required background: 

English 112 or divisional approval.


IV.          Course Content:

Surveys major world writers in different literary periods and from different countries.

A.   Survey of major writers from different literary periods and countries

B.   Critical analysis writing

C.   Timed and un-timed papers using exposition, persuasion, and personal narrative

D.   Application of correct mechanics and usage

E.   Oral presentations and round table discussions



V.  Learner Outcomes


The student will:


VI.  Evaluation

A.   Recognize the major world writers and their writing styles, subjects and themes.

B.   Trace the major literary periods and philosophies

C.   Read, think, and write critically about literature

D.   Appreciate the aesthetics of good writing.

Students must complete at least one major academic paper.  Students will also be assessed using a combination of tests, quizzes, additional writing assignments, class discussion, and projects as defined by faculty.  All written assignments will be assessed for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and consistency according to the conventions of standard English.


         VII.    This course supports the following objectives:


DCC Educational Objectives:


Critical Thinking

Cultural and Social Understanding