ENG 112 Syllabus


Division:  Arts and Sciences                                                                                                                                             Date:  February 2014


Curricula in Which Course is Taught:  Liberal Arts, Science, Business Administration, Early Childhood Development, Administration of Justice


Course Number & Title:                  ENG 112, College Composition II


Credit Hours:           3          Hours/Wk Lecture: 3                      Hours/Wk Lab:  N/A




I.              Catalog Description:  Develops writing ability for study, work, and other areas of writing based on experience, observation, research, and reading of selected literature.  Guides students in learning writing as a process, understanding audience and purpose, exploring ideas and information, composing, rough draft revising, and editing.  Supports writing by integrating experiences in thinking, reading, listening, and speaking.


II.            Relationship of the course to curricula objectives in which it is taught:   Students successfully completing this course will be able to write and research competently, observe the conventions of Standard English, and will be able to appreciate and interpret fiction, poetry, and drama.  Literature is used to help students understand cultural, social, and political influences in a given time period.


III.           Required background:  Successful completion of English 111 or equivalent.


IV.          Course Content:


A.   Interpretation and appreciation of :

1.    Fiction

2.    Poetry

3.    Drama

4.    Selected Short Stories

5.    Plays and Poems          


V.           Learner Outcomes

The student will be able to:


A.           Continue to develop skills covered in English 111

B.           Have an understanding and appreciation of the three basic literary genres

C.           Write a research paper with correct MLA documentation

D.           Revise and edit his/her own work

E.           Observe the conventions of Standard English

VI.          Evaluation: 



Some combination of essay tests, papers, or term papers as determined by the instructor. 


All written assignments will be assessed for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and consistency according to the conventions of standard English.



         VII.    This course supports the following objectives:


DCC Educational Objectives:


Critical Thinking