EIP 213  Syllabus


Division:        Arts and Sciences                                                                                                       Date:  February 2014


Curricula in Which Course is Taught:  Educational Interpreter Training


Course Number and Title:    EIP 213  Sign-to-Voice Transliterating III


Credit Hours:  1                   Hours/Wk Lecture:       Hours/Wk Lab:           Lec/Lab Comb:         


I.              Catalog Description:   Introduces skill development techniques for simultaneous sign-to-voice transliterating skills. Develops fluency, accuracy and speed through extensive practice with a variety of simultaneous sign-to-voice materials. Emphasizes use of appropriate English grammar and vocal intonation. Prerequisite: EIP 212 or consent of instructor. These courses may not transfer to any other VCCS institutions in ASL or INT programs. Lecture 1 hour per week.

II.            Relationship of the Course to Curricula Objectives in which course is taught:
This is the sixth required upper level course of the EIP curriculum followed by several required sequential courses.

III.           Required Background:
Intermediate signing skills or above

IV.          Course Content:  
A.  Review of the Components of Sign-to-Voice Transliterating

B. Review of Consecutive Sign-to-Voice Transliterating 

C.  Introduction to Simultaneous Spoken English Skills

     1. Simultaneous versus consecutive “voicing” of non-signed segments

     2. Appropriate English grammar and structure

     3. Linguistical “detractors”

     4. “Scripting” of spoken English production

     5. Application of concepts taught/practice

D.  Introduction to Simultaneous Sign-to-Voice Transliterating

     1. “Scripting” of spoken English production

     2. Application of concepts taught/practice

V.           Learner Outcomes

The student will

VI.          Evaluation

A.               identify the components required for effective, simultaneous sign-to-voice transliterating

B.               identify and differentiate the five levels of register

C.               demonstrate the ability to “voice” a non-signed segment simultaneously, using appropriate English grammar and vocal intonation, with 70% accuracy

D.               demonstrate the ability to “voice” a signed segment simultaneously, using appropriate English grammar and vocal intonation, with 70% accuracy.


Written and videotaped assessments


VII.         This course supports the following  objectives:


DCC Educational Objectives:


Critical Thinking

Cultural and Social Understanding