BIO 100 Syllabus


Division: Arts and Sciences Date: January 2014


Curricula in Which Course is Taught: Administrative Support Technology,Office Systems Technology, First Year Studies


Course Number and Title: BIO 100, Basic Human Biology


Credit Hours: 3 Hours/Wk Lecture: 3 Hours/Wk Lab: Lec/Lab Comb:



I.              Catalog Description: Presents basic principles of human anatomy and physiology. Discusses cells, tissues, and selected human systems. Lecture 3 hours per week.


II.            Relationship of the course to curricula objectives in which it is taught:


This course introduces students to key anatomical and physiological concepts which are essential to maintaining medical records.


III.           Required background:


Student should have completed ENF 1, ENF 2, and through MTE 2.


IV.          Course Content:


A.               Structure and function of cells and tissues

B.               General metabolic processes

C.               Skeletal and Muscular Systems

D.               Nerves and Senses

E.               Endocrine and Autonomic Nervous Systems

F.                Digestive and Respiratory Systems

G.               Blood and Cardiovascular Systems

H.               Lymphatic and Immune Systems

I.                  The Urinary System Water Balance, Electrolytes

J.                Reproductive System and Growth and Development


V. Learner Outcomes


The student will:

VI. Evaluation

A.   Be able to describe and explain each group of structures and components listed in the course content section above in written form.

B.   Be able to explain and analyze in written form each of the processes listed in the course content section.

Student performance will be assessed based on some combination of quizzes, tests, papers or other projects as assigned by faculty. All students will be expected to complete sustained writing assignments on tests and other form of evaluations. All students must exhibit their knowledge of physiological processes in short essay format on tests and other assignments as defined by faculty.


All written assignments will be assessed for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and consistency according to the conventions of standard English.




VII.      This course supports the following objectives:


DCC Educational Objectives


Critical Thinking

Quantitative Reasoning

Scientific Reasoning