Theodore "Ted" Maier

Professor of English and Spanish

Ted Maier 

Office:  Temple 106C

Phone:  (434) 797-8507



Ph.D.   Miami University of Ohio (2001).

1st Major:  19th-century American Literature.

2nd Major:  20th-century American Literature.

Cognate Field:  Spanish, South and Central American Poetries.

Qualifying Examination Fields:  American Literature, 19th- through 20th-Centuries:

Discourses of the Sentimental:  Cult of the Social Type; Competing Practices in Contemporary American Poetry; Translation and Translation Study.

Qualifying Examination grade:  “Passed with Distinction.?  GPA: 3.75.

M.A.    State University of New York, College at Brockport, British and American Literature, with emphasis in Creative Writing (1989).  Thesis:  Far Voices Near Porchlight:  Poems, Fiction, and Translations, Director:  Dr. Anthony Piccione.  GPA: 3.72.

B.S.      State University of New York, College at Brockport, British and American Literature (1984).  GPA: 3.49.

Permanent, New York State Teaching Certification, Secondary English, 1989.

            SLN (State University of New York Learning Network [Lotus Notes 6]) Certified Instructor, 2004.


Interstices and Intersections:  A Brief History of Translation with Emphasis on Spanish-language and Modern-American Poetry

Director:  Dr. Keith Tuma:  Committee:  Dr. William Gracie, Dr. Donald Fritz, Dr. James Creech.

Awards, Honors, and Fellowships:

DCC Leadership Academy, 2006-07

Hilton High School Alumni Hall of Fame, 2003

Teaching Fellowship, Miami University, 1991-95

Passed with Distinction, Doctoral Qualifying Examination, 1995     

Thomas R. and Ida C. Sinclair Memorial Scholarship, 1995

The Gordon Wilson Award (Best Published Creative Writing), 1995

National Leadership Honor Society, Omicron Delta Kappa, 1995

Outstanding Teacher Award, Miami University, 1994

Graduate Student Achievement Award, Miami University, Department of English, 1994

International English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta—Phi Nu, 1992

Cum laude graduate, SUNY College at Brockport, 1984


Professor (Full), English and Spanish, Danville Community College, Danville, VA 24541.  1/03-


            CST 130:  Introduction to Theater (on-campus)

            CST 150:  Introduction to Film (on-campus)

            CST 230:  History of Theater (on-campus)

            ENG 111:  College Composition I (online and on-campus)

            ENG 112:  College Composition II (online and on-campus)

            ENG 211:  Creative Writing I (online and on-campus)

            ENG 212:  Creative Writing II (online and on-campus)

            ENG 241:  Survey of American Literature I (online and on-campus)

            ENG 242:  Survey of American Literature II (online and on-campus)

            ENG 243:  Survey of British Literature I (online and on-campus)            

            ENG 253:  Survey of African-American Literature I (online and on-campus)

SPA 101:  Beginning Spanish I (online and on-campus)

            SPA 102:  Beginning Spanish II (online and on-campus)

            SPA 203:  Intermediate Spanish I (online and on-campus)


Associate Professor of English (Adjunct), University of Richmond, Richmond, VA 24541.  1/07- 1/10


            HUM 361U:  History of Human Expression (online and on-campus)


Coordinator, Writing Center, Danville Community College, Danville, VA, 24541.  9/07-1/11


Assistant Dean, Danville Community College, Danville, VA, 24541.  1/06-12/08


E-Journal (Editor)


            The Dan River Review, Danville, VA, 2012-

The Dan River Review, Danville Community College, Danville, VA, 2005-10




            Clovis Community College, English 102, ITV Homepage, October 2000 <>.




            After Caprock.  July 2000 <>.


Poetry, Collections:


Bourbon Soliloquies.  Providence, NC:  Hand-Job P, 2007.

The Unofficial Bob Crane Biography:  Great Voyeurs of Our Times.  Spencerport, NY:  Hand-Job P, 1998. 

            Foucault’s Dream Diary and Gum Tree Philology.  Spencerport, NY:  Hand-Job P, 1998.


Poetry, Translations (book collection):


Poetry Anthology.  Simon Zavala Guzman.  Trans. Ted Maier and Alicia Cabiedes-Fink.  Ed. Juan

Carlos Maldonado.  Cordoba:   Republica Argentina.  2010.

Between the Silence of Voices:  An Anthology of Contemporary Ecuadorean Women Poets.  Trans. Ted Maier and

Alicia Cabiedes-Fink.  Quito:  La casa de la cultura de ecuatoriano, 1997.


Poetry, Translations (journals):


Iza, Ana María.  “El costal de sombras.?  Trans.  Ted Maier.  Puerto del sol.  28.2 (1992):  142-45.

Iza, Ana María.  “La Calle.?   Trans.  Ted Maier.  Puerto del sol.  28.2 (1992).  146-49.

Espinosa, María Fernanda.  “XXX.?  Trans.  Ted Maier.  International Poetry Review.  21.1. (1995).  24‑25.

Coveña, Sara Venagas.  “The Wind Was Blowing.?  Trans.  Ted Maier Asylum Annual.  10.  (1995).  37.

Coveña, Sara Venagas.  “All This Is Mine.?  Trans.  Ted Maier.  Asylum Annual.  10.  (1995).  37.

Coveña, Sara Venagas.  “The Boat.?  Trans.  Ted Maier.  Asylum Annual.  10.  (1995).  37.

Espinosa, María Fernanda.  “XXXIII.?  Trans.  Ted Maier.  Collages & Bricolages.  8.  (1994).

Espinosa, María Fernanda.  “XXVIII.?  Trans.  Ted Maier.  Collages & Bricolages.  8.  (1994).

Chiriboga, Ruth Bazante.  “Testimony.?  Trans.  Ted Maier.  Mr. Cogito.  11.3.  (1994).

Iza, Ana María.  “Ladrillos del universo.?  Rif/t.  <>.

Iza, Ana María.  “Hogaza.?  Rif/t. <>.

Iza, Ana María.  “Tongolele.?  Rif/t.  <>


Poems, Original:


            “Love on a Letter to You to You.?  Cairn.  31.  (1997).  33.

            “Preludio de cosas sencillas.?  Cairn.  31.  (1997).  49.

            “Wood Chopping Poem.?  Cairn.  31.  (1997).  51.

            “Growingpains.?  The Brockport Review.  4.  (1984).

            “Some Hide, Some Are in the Hidden.?  The Brockport Review.  (1984).  4.


Advisory/Editorial Experiences:


            The Brockport Review.  General Editor.  (SUNY College @ Brockport), 1983-84.

            Uttering Leaves.  General Editor.  (SUNY College @ Brockport), 1983-84.

            Cairn. Advisor.  (St. Andrews College Press), 1997.

            Falstaff.  Advisor.  (U of the Ozarks), 1995-96.




            “The One-Paragraph Narrative Assignment.?  Center News, Miami UP:  Oxford, OH, 1994.

            “I Dream of Jeannie and Cyberspace.?  Community College Week.  27 Nov. 2000:  4-5.

            “Socrates, Excellence, and the Cyber-classroom.?  NISOD Abstracts.  Spr.  2001.

            “Distance Education and the Little Red Cyber-School House.?  Community College Week.  28 May

2001:  4-5.




            Euantes.  “’ganas’:  passion on English word captures.?  Danville, VA:  George Washington High School, 2012.  V. 44.


“The Subtle Beauty of the Anticipatory Set:  How to Waltz Your Students into a Meaningful Lesson.?  VCCS New Horizons, Roanoke, VA, April 3-5, 2013.

“The Avant-garde Tradition and Contemporary Ecuadorean Poetry,? World of Words Poetry Conference, Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, NC, April 3, 1997.

“Re-tasking the Task of the Translator:  Translation for the ‘90’s,? Theoretical Approaches to Marginalized Literatures Conference, University of Montana at Missoula, Spring 1994.

“The Poetry of Ruth Bazante Chiriboga,? Annual ALTA Conference, Albuquerque, NM, Fall 1994.

“New Thoughts in Translation Study:  New Page Theory,? “Whose World Is It??  Conference, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, November 1993.

Respondent, “Benjamin across Borders,? Spring Symposium, Miami University of Ohio, 1992.

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