Social Science Electives

ADJ 100

Survey of Criminal Justice

ADJ 130

Introduction to Criminal Law

ADJ 131

Legal Evidence

ADJ 227

Criminal Law for Justice Personnel

ADJ 234

Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism



ECO 201

Principles of Economics I

ECO 202

Principles of Economics II



GEO 210

People and the Land: An Introduction to Cultural Geography

GEO 220

World Regional Geography



HIS 101

History of Western Civilization I

HIS 102

History of Western Civilization II

HIS 111 

History of World Civilization I

HIS 112

History of World Civilization II

HIS 121

U.S. History I

HIS 122

U.S. History II

HIS 266

Military History of the Civil War

HIS 268

The American Constitution



PLS 211

U.S. Government I

PLS 212

U.S. Government II

PLS 241

International Relations I

PLS 242

International Relations II



PSY 200

Principles of Psychology

PSY 201

Introduction to Psychology I

PSY 202

Introduction to Psychology II

PSY 215

Abnormal Psychology

PSY 231

Life Span Human Development I

PSY 232

Life Span Human Development II

PSY 235

Child Psychology

PSY 236

Adolescent Psychology

PSY 230

Developmental Psychology

PSY 255

Psychological Aspects of Criminal Behavior

PSY 295

Topics In



SOC 200

Principles of Sociology

SOC 201

Introduction to Sociology I

SOC 202

Introduction to Sociology II

SOC 215

Sociology of the Family

SOC 235

Juvenile Delinquency

SOC 236


SOC 268

Social Problems