Basic Dental Assisting Career Studies Certificate graduates will be able to:

Required Course 1

Required Course 2

Required Course 3

Required Course 4

Required Course 5

Required Course 6

Outcome 1

Assist with the delivery of dental care as an integral team member

DNA 113

DNA 103





Outcome 2

Provide basic and expanded function skills with a variety of dental materials

DNA 110






Outcome 3

Expose, process, and mount dental radiographs including safety and digital applications

DNA 134






Outcome 4

Meet industry standards for asepsis, disinfection and sterilization to ensure a safe working environment

DNA 109






Outcome 5

Show communication skills demonstrating knowledge of dental ethics and jurisprudence

DNA 100






Outcome 6

Use clinical externships to integrate classroom and laboratory skills in an office setting

DNA 190






Outcome 7

Perform basic office procedures to manage the business operation of a dental practice

DNA 190






Outcome 8

Pass the Dental Assisting National Board in Infection Control and Radiation Safety for graduates who choose to take the boards

DANB pass rates