Curricula in Which Course is Taught:  Administrative Support Technology &

                                                               Office Information Processing


Course Number and Title:  STD 106V1 – Job Search Strategies


Credit Hours:  1            Hours/Wk Lecture:  1      Hours/Wk Lab:   0    Lec/Lab Comb:  1


  1. Catalog Description:  Provides experience in resume writing, preparation of applications, letters of application, and successfully preparing for and completing the job interview.  Assists students in identifying their marketable skills and aptitudes.  Develops strategies for successful employment search.  Assists students in understanding effective human relations techniques and communication skills in job search.
  2. Relationship of the Course to Curricula Objectives in which course is taught:

Will provide students with the skills to “sell” their skills to an employer and secure employment.

  1. Required Background:  None
  2. Course Content: 

Time Management

Stress Management


Skills Assessment and Statement

Job Search Methods – Traditional, Hidden, Networking

Informational Interviewing

Tracking Contacts

Job Applications

Cover Letters/Resumes/Marketing Letter

Appropriate Dress/Image


Researching a Company

Follow-Up to Interview

  1. Learner Outcomes:

Manage Time Wisely

Manage Stress

Understand the effect attitude has on a prospective employer

Know what skills you offer to an employer

Know the three job search methods

Prepare a jist statement to use in an informational interview

Track job contacts

Accurately and completely fill in a job application form

Incorporate skills into an effective cover letter/resume/marketing letter

Dress appropriately for the job and project a professional image

Effectively interview

Research prospective employer(s)

Follow up on interview

  1. Evaluation

Course is graded on a Pass(P)/Fail (F) basis.  To pass the course, student must complete all assignments.


            The following General Education Objectives will be addressed in this course:


            Critical Thinking

            Interpersonal Skills and Human Relations

            Computer Skills