Curricula in Which Course is Taught:  Real Estate (REA)    


Course Number and Title: REA 100-50   Principles of Real Estate


Credit Hours:  4          Hours/Wk Lecture:  7     Hours/Wk Lab:   0      Lec/Lab Comb:7



A.                 Catalog Description:  Examines practical applications of real estate principles.


B.                 Relationship of the Course to Curricula Objectives in which course is taught:

Prepares student with topics for state license exam.

C.                 Required Background:  

High School Diploma or GED

D.                 Course Content:   Study of titles, estates , land description, contracts, legal instruments, real estate math ,financing , agency, appraisal, fair housing and management of real estate.


V.  Learner Outcomes

Satisfactory information to pass state of VA license exam.


The following General Education Objectives will be addressed in this course:


 _X___      Communications


 __X___    Learning Skills


__X___    Critical Thinking


__X___     Interpersonal Skills and

                 Human Relations


__X___    Computational and Computer Skills


__X___    Understanding Culture and Society


__X___    Understanding Science and Technology


__X___    Wellness

A.                 Evaluation

3 Tests, 1 Final Exam, 2 Essays


Typically at least two outside speakers and one

field  trip to Clerk’s Office in Danville