Matt Nidiffer

Assistant Professor of Business Management


Matt Nidiffer

Taylor Building 121 – D




Master of Science in Applied Economics and Statistics

Clemson University

Graduated in 2006


Bachelor of Science in Economics

The University of Virginia’s College at Wise

Graduated in 2002



Below are the course descriptions for the classes I typically teach.

  • ECO 100 Elementary Economics (3 cr.)

    Introduces students to the most basic elements of economics without detailed study of theory. Presents and interprets current issues and concerns publicized in the media. Allows students to understand and grasp the importance of current local, state, and national issues with economic themes and overtones.

     ECO 120 Survey of Economics (3 cr.)

    Presents a broad overview of economic theory, history, development, and application. Introduces terms, definitions, policies, and philosophies of market economies. Provides some comparison with other economic systems. Includes some degree of exposure to microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts.

     ECO 201 Principles of Macroeconomics (3 cr.)

    Introduces macroeconomic principles and their relationship to current economic conditions. Presents the concept of a free enterprise economy and how it compares to other economic systems. Introduces the concepts of supply and demand and discusses how markets allocate resources. Presents measures of economic activity and discusses the problems of economic instability - inflation and unemployment. Discusses the various approaches to achieving economic stability including classical, Keynesian, monetarist and supply side positions. The structure of the banking system and the role of the Federal Reserve are discussed.

     ECO 202 Principles of Microeconomics (3 cr.)

    Introduces microeconomic principles and their relationship to current economic conditions. Further analysis of the theories of supply and demand is presented. The costs of production for private business firms are analyzed. The concept of profit maximization by business firms under various market conditions is presented. Describes the four basic market models and their implications for business decision making. Analyzes resource markets and the determination of resource prices. Discusses the U.S. role in the global economy and the importance of competitiveness.

     BUS 209 Continuous Quality Improvement (3 cr.)

    Presents the different philosophies in Continuous Quality Improvement. Introduces students to Process Improvement, Team Development, Consensus Building, and Problem Solving strategies. Identifies methods for Process Improvement in manufacturing and service organizations, which includes Statistical Process Control when used in the quality assurance function of business and industry.

     BUS 220 Introduction To Business Statistics (3 cr.)

    Introduces statistics as a tool in decision-making. Emphasizes ability to collect, present, and analyze data. Employs measures of central tendency and dispersion, statistical inference, index number, and time series analysis.

     BUS 221 Business Statistics I (3 cr.)

    Focuses on statistical methodology in the collection, organization, presentation, and analysis of data; concentrates on measures of central tendency, dispersion, probability concepts and distribution, sampling, statistical estimation, normal and T-distribution, and hypothesis testing for means and proportions.

    BUS 227 Quantitative Methods (3 cr.)

    Includes an overview of quantitative methods in business decision-making, simple and multiple regression and correlation analysis, time series analysis and business forecasting, decision analysis, linear programming, transportation and assignment methods, and network models. Includes computer applications.


Prior to coming to DCC to teach full-time in the fall of 2013, I had several years of professional experience in the Mortgage and Consumer Finance industry with the following firms: SallieMae Financial, AmSouth Bank, American General Finance, and AgSouth Farm Credit. 

In addition, I have worked in non-teaching positions at Averett University & Liberty University.  At Averett University I was in Institutional Research, the Registrar's Office, and was an Adjunct Instructor for four years.  At Liberty University I served as a Financial Research Analyst and a Revenue and Expenditure Analyst.


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