Award: Certificate

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Contact:       Dr. Vince Decker, Professor of Business Management, vdecker@dcc.vccs.edu, 434.797.8470

                     Mr. David Bonebright, Professor of Marketing & Business Management,

 dbonebright@dcc.vccs.edu, 434.797.8483

Length of Program: A part-time student may complete this program in two semesters completely online.

Purpose: Logistics is a rapidly-growing field encompassing the care and management of inventory while at rest and in motion. The DCC Online Logistics Management Career Studies Certificate is primarily designed to provide formal training for individuals already employed in careers associated with the following logistics-related jobs: inventory purchasing, care and control; dispatching and shipping of goods and materials; and assembling bulk orders for distribution. Upon completion of the Logistics Management Career Studies Certificate, individuals will have been exposed to the skills necessary for career advancement. This program is also suitable for students interested in obtaining an entry-level position in warehousing and distribution.

Occupational Objectives: The following occupational titles represent examples of possible employment or advancement opportunities: Shipping, Receiving, Dispatching, Purchasing, Warehouse Manager, Warehouse Department Manager or Area Manager, Manager Trainee, and Other Related Logistics Occupations

Admission Requirements: Admission to the Logistics Management Career Studies Certificate is based on the general requirements for admission to the college. The student is required to have a GED or standard high school diploma. Deficiencies in general education may require enrollment in Developmental Studies. As an online program, it is expected that applicants will be proficient with World Wide Web navigation, e-mail, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel.

Program Description & Requirements: The program can be completed in two semesters on a part-time basis. Students will be exposed to the following: essentials of distribution and transportation management; inventory management; the role of retailing and wholesaling in the supply chain; people-management skills necessary for supervising warehouse and transportation employees; and warehouse organization and management. All five required courses are conveniently available online through DCC.  A wide variety of business electives are available online and in person. To receive the Logistics Management Career Studies Certificate you must complete the following courses:  

Course Sequence      
Fall Semester          
BUS 223   Distribution & Transportation 3 0 3
MKT 216   Retail Organization & Management 3 0 3
Spring Semester
BUS 200   Principles of Management 3 0 3
BUS 255 Inventory & Warehouse Management 3 0 3
BUS 204   Project Management 3 0 3
Total 15 0 15

The courses in the Logistics Management Career Studies Certificate will all transfer to the Associate of Applied Science degree, Warehousing and Distribution specialization.

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