Dental Hygiene 

Have you ever seen the way that a perfect smile can change a person’s life? Are you the kind of person who can help calm and soothe others during times of minor stress? Do you have that gentle touch, easy way of talking, and the desire to create a perfect smile? Danville Community College has partnered with Virginia Western Community College to bring dental hygiene education to our region. Students attend classes through lectures provided through VTEL instruction and are supervised for clinical instruction in the new DCC dental clinic. Half of the courses are registered at DCC and the other half at VWCC. DCC admits a class of 14 every odd year whereas VWCC admits a class of 18 students every year.

NOTE:  Students who have a felony conviction, or a conviction for assault, will not be allowed into clinical facilities in allied health programs.  They are thus advised to choose a non-allied health field.

Program Outcomes

VWCC Dental Hygiene Application

DCC Dental Hygiene Personnel - Community Activities

For more information consult the College Catalog.

First Semester

DNH 111 Oral Anatomy 2
DNH 115 Histology/Head & Neck Anatomy 3
DNH 120 Management of Emergencies 2
DNH 130 Oral Radiography for the Dental Hygienist
DNH 141 Dental Hygiene I 5
SDV 100 or SDV 108 College Survival Skills 1

Second Semester

DNH 142 Dental Hygiene II 5
DNH 145 General & Oral Pathology 2
DNH 146 Periodontics for the Dental Hygienist 2
DNH 216 Pharmacology 2
ENG 111 College Composition 3

Summer Session

DNH 235 Management of Dental Pain and Anxiety 2
DNH 150 Nutrition 2
DNH 143 Coordinated Practice 3
NAS 185 Microbiology 4


DNH 214 Practical Materials for Dental Hygiene 2
DNH 226 Public Health Dental Hygiene I 2
DNH 244 Dental Hygiene IV 5
PSY 230 Developmental Psychology 3

Fourth Semester

DNH 227 Public Health Dental Hygiene II 1
DNH 230 Office Practices & Ethics 1
DNH 245 Dental Hygiene V 5
HUM EEE Humanities/Fine Arts  Elective 3
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