HUM 195 Syllabus

 Division:       Arts and Sciences                                                                                                  Date:  February 2014

Curricula in Which Course is Taught: Liberal Arts, Business Administration or any curriculum requiring a humanities elective

Course Number and Title:            HUM 195, Philosophy of Motivation and Success

Credit Hours:   3                  Hours/Wk Lecture:  3                     Hours/Wk Lab:                    Lec/Lab Comb:    3


I.        Catalog Description: Provides an opportunity to explore topical areas of interest to or needed by students. May be used also for special honors courses. May be repeated for credit. Variable hours.


II.        Relationship of the course to curricula objectives in which it is taught: This  course provides an overview of motivation and success literature with the goal of coaching the student to create a personal philosophy of success in work and life.


III.            Required background:  ENF 2 as a corequisite


IV.        Course Content:

A.   Understanding motivation.

B.   Integrating motivation with one’s personal points of interest.

C.   Success dynamics- mental, social, emotional, physical, and ethical.

D.   Habits of success.

E.   Personal reflection leading to future success.

F.    A personal philosophy of motivation and success.


V.  Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of the course the students

will be able to:

VI.  Evaluation


Written assignments, quizzes, tests


  1. Understand that motivation is internal and within one’s personal choice.
  2. Identify personal points of interest that lead to motivation.
  3. Understand the psychosocial dynamics of success.
  4. Demonstrate personal knowledge of success habits.
  5. Reflect and learn from life experiences related to motivation and success.
  6. Articulate a personal philosophy of motivation and success.

    This course supports the following objectives:

DCC Educational Objectives:

Personal Development
Critical Thinking