Program Outcomes


Students who successfully complete the ADJ Certificate will demonstrate:

1.    an in-depth knowledge of various sources of crime data (e.g. FBI-based Uniform Crime Reporting system) and analytical skills necessary to evaluate “strengths” and “weaknesses” of crime data reporting

2.    assessment skills applied to community-police programs and evaluative measures to be applied to the merits of police-sponsored community crime prevention efforts

3.    knowledge of each component of the criminal justice system—police, judiciary, corrections and protective services (private security)—and articulation of various sub-components of the criminal justice system ranging from prosecutor, defense attorney and probation-parole duties to functions performed by public safety offices such as the public defender and sheriff

4.    knowledge of the role diversity plays in decision-making at all levels of America’s criminal justice system

5.    a knowledge of the global nature of crime to include the impact of crime and the prosecution of criminal offenders who utilize not only the United States, but also international destinations from Europe to Asia to further a terrorist goal, commit cybercrime, or reap huge profits associated with criminal enterprises

6.    a knowledge of stress reduction techniques including a meaningful and consistent physical fitness conditioning program

7.    knowledge of the importance of volunteering one's talents for the overall improvement of one's community

8.    a knowledge of the need for uncompromising ethical and moral standards

9.    exemplary written and oral communication skills

10. excellent information literacy skills