Liberal Arts - Social Science Specialization


Health care, crime rates, economic growth, resource development, civil rights, international affairs, interpersonal relationships – these are the kinds of issues that must be addressed if we are to build a better world for the 21st century; and these are the kinds of issues addressed everyday in social science classes at DCC. Social sciences comprise a diverse group of disciplines that includes history, geography, political science, economics, sociology, and psychology. These varied disciplines are bound together by a shared focus on human activity and on helping students better understand the complexities of the human condition. At DCC, knowledge gained in social science courses not only enables students to function as informed and responsible citizens in today’s world, it also equips students to intelligently participate in forging the world of tomorrow. Whether you are learning about the history of the French Revolution, political unrest in central Africa, the economy of Southside Virginia, or the origins of racial prejudice in America, you are increasing your understanding of human behavior and the forces that affect the ways in which we interact with one another. When transferring to a four-year college or university, students who have earned an Associate of Arts and Science degree in Liberal Arts with the Social Science Specialization are well-prepared for majoring in any social science discipline, either in preparation for a career such as public administration, social work, or teaching, or as a prerequisite for continuing their education in graduate school.

Program Outcomes

Curriculum Map

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First Semester

SDV 100 College Success Skills 1
ENG 111  College Composition I  3
BUS 147

Business Information Systems


Transfer Computer Class

MTH 151 Mathematics for Liberal Arts I or higher (excluding MTH 158) 3
NAS w/Lab Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Geology 4

HIS 101


HIS 121


HIS 111

History of Western Civil.

United States History


History of World Civilizations I

Total   17

Second Semester

ENG 112  College Composition II  3

MTH 240


MTH 241


MTH 157


Statistics I

Elementary Statistics


HIS 102


HIS 112


HIS 122



History of Western Civilization
History of World Civilizations I
U. S. History II
NAS w/Lab Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Geology 4
Fine Arts I
Religion, Philosophy, Art, CST, Literature, or Music 3
Total 16

Third Semester

PSY 200


PSY 201

Principles of Psychology or

Intro to Psychology I

SOC 200
SOC 201
Principles of Sociology
Introduction to Sociology I
Social Science Elective History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology or Psychology 3
---- Liberal Arts Elective 3
Humanities or Fine Arts Elective II Religion, Philosophy, Art, Speech, Theatre, Literature, Music 3
Total   15
Fourth Semester
Sociology SOC 202 or sophomore level Sociology (SOC 215 or SOC 268) 3
Psychology PSY 202 or sophomore level Psychology (PSY 230 or PSY 215) 3
Elective II Any transfer level social science elective 3
--- Liberal Arts Elective II 3
HLT/PED Any transfer level health or physical education class 1

Total Minimum Credits for the Associate of Arts and Science Degree in Liberal Arts, Social Science Specialization.


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