Liberal Arts - Humanities Specialization


Before the natural sciences and the social sciences appeared on the scene in western culture, human beings attempted to understand and make sense of their existence through descriptions now included in the broad category of "humanities." Religion, philosophy, drama, rhetoric, literature, and the fine arts all attempted to portray the human condition and our place in the social and natural worlds without the aid of scientific method, measurement, or instruments. Rather than being displaced by science, the humanities continue to account for our existence through insight, individual and shared experience, reasoned analysis, speculation, and aesthetic expression. The Humanities Specialization in Liberal Arts prepares students for transfer to four year schools who intend to major in one of the humanities disciplines. Completion of a bachelors degree in a humanities discipline can also open the door to a variety of graduate or professional programs.

Program Outcomes

Curriculum Map

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First Semester
SDV 100  College Success Skills 1
ENG 111  College Composition I  3
MTH 151  Math for Liberal Arts I or higher Math  3
  Natural Science Course with Lab 4
  Approved Computer Elective 3
  Approved HLT/PED Elective 1
Second Semester
ENG 112  College Composition II  3
MTH  Approved Transfer Level Math 3
  Natural Science Course with Lab 4
  History Elective I 3
  Social Science Elective I 3
Third Semester
  Humanities Requirement I 3-4
ENG Literature I 3
  Liberal Arts Elective I 3
  Social Science Elective II 3
  History Elective II 3

Fourth Semester

  Humanities Requirement II 3-4
 ENG Literature II 3
  Liberal Arts Elective II 3
  Fine Arts Elective I 3
  Fine Arts Elective II 3
Total Minimum Credits for the Associate of Arts and Science Degree in 
Liberal Arts, Humanities Specialization

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