Liberal Arts   

Does unlocking the mysteries of the human mind and spirit fascinate you? Do you treasure diving below the surface of historical and contemporary literature or see yourself as the editor or writer of the next best seller? Can you envision the courage and fear encountered by soldiers on the battlefields of the past or the impacts of those battles? Students in liberal arts are broadly prepared to investigate and understand the human condition, and to function as reflective citizens in local and global communities. While persons selecting this degree obtain basic preparation for careers in education, English, law, business, government, politics, theatre, the arts, or communications, the primary focus of liberal arts is the social and intellectual development of the individual. Further, given the student's breadth of exposure to multiple disciplines in this degree, individuals who are uncertain of their academic majors or career goals will find liberal arts a good place to begin their education.


Program Outcomes

Curriculum Map

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First Semester
SDV 100 College Success Skills 1
ENG 111  College Composition I  3
MTH 163  Precalculus I  3
- Focus Course I 3
BIO 101
CHM 111
CHM 101
GOL 105 
General Biology I 

College Chemistry I

General Chemistry I 

Physical Geology

_ Approved Computer Elective 3
Second Semester
ENG 112  College Composition II  3
MTH  Approved Transfer Mathematics Course  3
- Focus Course II 3
BIO 102
CHM 112
CHM 102 
GOL 106
General Biology II 

College Chemistry II

General Chemistry II 

Historical Geology

- Humanities or Social Science Elective  3
Third Semester
ENG  Literature I 3
HIS 101
HIS 121 
History of Western Civilization I 

United States History I 

HIS 111
History of World Civilizations I  
  Social Science Elective 3
- Focus Course III 3
HLT/PED Approved HLT/PED Elective 1
- Humanities or Social Science Elective  3
Fourth Semester
ENG  Literature II 3
HIS 102
HIS 122 
History of Western Civilization II 

United States History II 

HIS 112
History of World Civilizations II  
  Social Science Elective 3
- Focus Course IV 3
 HLT/PED Approved "Wellness" Elective 1
Total Minimum Credits for Associate of Arts and Science Degree in Liberal Arts 61

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