Educational Interpreter Training Career Studies


PAH! Now that you've completed an in-depth study of ASL and Deaf culture, or maybe you're a transfer student with a knowledgeable background of ASL and Deaf culture, you're ready for an intense unique journey in educational interpreting! You're going to work really hard but it will all pay off in the end. Why? Because the program will prepare you to take the Virginia Quality Assurance Screening Written Exam (VQAS) and the program will also help prepare you for the VQAS Performance Exam. How sweet it is! This unique program is taught only on the weekends! That's right! The Weekend Educational Interpreter Training Program (WEIT). Check it out! You won't be sorry!

(The program is geared for educational interpreters who are currently working in the Virginia school system. It also gives priority to educational interpreters.)

Program Outcomes

For more information consult the College Catalog.

*Course # Title Credits
EIP 181 Pre-Interpreting Skills I 1
EIP 201 Linguistics of ASL I 1
EIP 202 Linguistics of ASL II 1
EIP 211 Signed-to-Spoken Transliterating I 1
EIP 212 Signed-to-Spoken Transliterating II 1
EIP 213 Signed-to-Spoken Transliterating III 1
EIP 214 Signed-to-SpokenTransliterating IV 1
EIP 231 Spoken to Signed Interpreting I 1
EIP 232 Spoken to Signed Interpreting II 1
EIP 233 Spoken to Signed Interpreting III 1
EIP 234 Spoken to Signed Interpreting IV 1
EIP 280 Interactive Interpretering: English based 1
EIP 289 Prep. for Performance Evaluation-Interpreting: English 1
EIP  Elective 1
EIP Elective 1
Total Minimum Credits for a Career Studies Certificate in Interpreter Education Program 15

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