Basic Dental Assisting


The purpose of this certificate is to prepare students for work in dental offices as a dental assistant.  Dental assistants provide chair side support to dentists and patients, prepare dental materials, and ensure a safe patient environment in dental practices.  While most dental assistants work in dental offices, some will work in hospitals, clinics, and educational institutions.

NOTE:  Students who have a felony conviction, or a conviction for assault, will not be allowed into clinical facilities in allied health programs.  They are thus advised to choose a non-allied health field.


Program Outcomes

Curriculum Map

Basic Dental Assisting Admission Guidelines

Basic Dental Assisting Application

United States Department of Education's Gainful Employment Disclosure

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Lab Hours Credits

DNA 100

Intro to Oral Health Professions 0 1

DNA 103

Introduction to Oral Health

0 1

DNA 109

Practical Infection Control

3 3

DNA 110

Dental Materials

3 3

DNA 113

Chairside Assisting I

3 3

DNA 134

Dental Radiology and Practicum

3 3

DNA 190

Coordinated Internship 9 4

HLT 105


0 1





Total Credits


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